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No 23. The Pedagogy Wheel

The Pedagogy Wheel

Classrooms and Staffrooms

Bloom’s Taxonomy is always talked about in education showing the different learning objectives that pupils should achieve. For a more up to date version have a look at the pedagogy wheel which gives examples of actions and activities that pupils can engage in according to the four objectives of: remember/understand, apply, analyse, evaluate, create. Better still, it even suggests iPad apps that are relevant for pupils and teachers to use for each of the four objectives.

pedagody wheel

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The Minds Behind The MOOCs

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Academia is buzzing about MOOCs. What sounds like genteel name-calling is actually a powerful new medium with potential to transform the education system. Indeed, MOOCs and mooks are simply unfortunate homophones but the former is certainly ruffling feathers because their aim is to make higher education more affordable (free, in fact). These Massive Open Online Courses picked up speed and weight like a freight train, with more than five million learners in locations spanning the whole globe. Academic heavyweights like Harvard, Stanford and MIT back the courses, giving the world of online learning a much-needed boost of credibility.

The Minds Behind The MOOCs