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The Daily Create tdc602 #ds106

Today’s prompt:

Has this age still got elegance, take a photo of 21st century elegance.

Yes, this age has still got elegance, more so in the field of education than any other. Today’s learner is not just a passive receptor of knowledge but a creator too! Open source is the way forward with collaboration and creation along with fellow learners and fraingers!

That’s why elegance in the 21st century is in the way we learn today….




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The Daily Create tdc601 #ds106

Today’s prompt:

This is TDC 601! That is 106 backwards! Draw something 106ish backwards

There are some days when your creative juices are overflowing. Then there are some days when you don’t have a clue. Today is one of those days. I can’t think of any way to express 106ish backwards.

So bear with me…

Here’s my weird theory of something 106ish backwards

106 backwards is 601.


So now I have to find something with 601 and draw it.



That’s E-pipe 601

So how does that connect? In today’s age of e-learning, e-commerce, e-mail, e-everything, e-friends and i-thingies, here’s the new electronic pipe. So here’s e-pipe, no tobacco, no ash, more healthy! And more importantly, something 106ish backwards E-pipe 601!

I know I just flipped the prompt. But that’s the advantage. You can interpret it any way you want. You can be creative and divergent! ūüôā


The Daily Create tdc600 #ds106

Today’s prompt:

Celebrate the 600th Daily Create! Express 600 in a drawing without using numbers.

I got this one immediately. No second thoughts in my mind.

Represent 600???

600 watts?

600 sq.ft?

600 items on pinterest?

600 pounds???

No that would take a lot of hard works and articulation in drawing.

So here’s my contribution..

600 calories…represented by the fast foods that we love to consume without giving a single thought.

Be conscious.. be healthy…eat well.. you need the right energy to mooc! ūüėÄ



The Daily Create tdc599 #ds106

Today’s prompt:

It’s Her Birthday! Doodle @GiuliaForsythe some visual notes on the ideal way to celebrate!

After my success with yesterday’s drawing prompt, I was more confident. So I picked up a bigger, better drawing and attempted to draw it. I tried my hand at online drawing tools but the mouse didn’t obey the commands of my mind.

So am back to paper and pen and here’s my attempt:


It was great fun to back to something as basic as a pencil and paper. After this activity, I must say I have gained a little bit of confidence in my ability to draw.


The Daily Create tdc598 #ds106

Today’s prompt:

Draw an insect in a way that makes it cuddly or adorable.

I racked my brains for this one. The only person who might consider my drawing good enough would be my son. He has a lot to learn. Ary’s post has given me some confidence that I am not all alone in this class! I had almost skipped today’s prompt until my son’s colouring book caught my eye.

So here’s my not so artistic attempt at drawing a cuddly adorable insect:



Bee or butterfly?

And I finally found my head!!


It’s not a great mashup, but the idea behind is, am just another ant (moocer) – journeying with my fellow fraingers to explore and create a whole new community out there.

Check this out: who knew?


The Frainger Moocers #ds106

Physical pain is something that I cannot bear and deliberately inflicting pain upon yourself (eg. tattooing, piercing, etc. ) is beyond my comprehension. So when I saw one of my best frainger’s tattooed arm, I was a bit shaken. I couldn’t understand why she would do this. Then I got the context. She had joined another mooc, #ds106. It was only a temporary tattoo but I was hooked. It made a big impression on me as it was supposed to.

With this post, I am initiating myself and joining the cult with Ary and other fraingers.

Read more about the #ds106 mooc here

For the first day’s #dailycreate exercise:

Make an impression:
Take a picture of an indentation!

Here’s what I did:


I created this image online using the site¬†¬†It’s a free image editing tool. You do not have to register to use it. Just upload the image you want to edit and start creating. It’s simple enough to use, much like MS Paint but it also has some advanced features of Photoshop. Do explore.

Borrowing Ary’s list of objectives from this course:

What do I want to learn in ds106:

  • Create eye popping¬†GIFs¬†
  • Make more videos with lots of umph and pizazz
  • Tackle Tumblr and WordPress like a pro
  • Meet more digital¬†fraingers
  • Discover and experiment with my visual voice
  • “Make ART damn it” every single day of my life for the rest of my life!
  • Roar louder than Katy Perry
  • Discovering more tools online to create ART

For day 2, #dailycreate exercise:

Edit an existing video clip to include an unexpected object in the story

Thanks again to Ary, I was inspired by her tattoo!

The tools I used to create this video:

  • Pixrl: To lose my head in the above above and add text.
  • Gifmaker: Just add images in the sequence you want and click done! It was that easy.
  •¬†Download the YouTube videos that I wanted to edit.
  • OneTrueMedia:¬†¬†Add video, edit, clip, add text slides, sounds and styles to create my video

Thanks Ary for inspiring me with your tattoo and enthusiasm. Frainge Days indeed!