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The Daily Create tdc600 #ds106


Today’s prompt:

Celebrate the 600th Daily Create! Express 600 in a drawing without using numbers.

I got this one immediately. No second thoughts in my mind.

Represent 600???

600 watts?

600 sq.ft?

600 items on pinterest?

600 pounds???

No that would take a lot of hard works and articulation in drawing.

So here’s my contribution..

600 calories…represented by the fast foods that we love to consume without giving a single thought.

Be conscious.. be healthy…eat well.. you need the right energy to mooc! 😀



4 thoughts on “The Daily Create tdc600 #ds106

  1. Clever COOKIE!!! Made me hungrrrrry!

  2. Clever COOKIE!!! Made me hungrrryyy!

  3. Ha! What a great idea! I thought about this one a bit this morning, and I ran through a similar series of questions in my head. Then I got super busy all day and night and forgot to do anything about it until now, right before bed (sigh). Your idea is excellent, though. Good one!

  4. Thanks Christina! Our creative juices run in all different directions 🙂

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