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The Daily Create tdc598 #ds106


Today’s prompt:

Draw an insect in a way that makes it cuddly or adorable.

I racked my brains for this one. The only person who might consider my drawing good enough would be my son. He has a lot to learn. Ary’s post has given me some confidence that I am not all alone in this class! I had almost skipped today’s prompt until my son’s colouring book caught my eye.

So here’s my not so artistic attempt at drawing a cuddly adorable insect:



Bee or butterfly?

And I finally found my head!!


It’s not a great mashup, but the idea behind is, am just another ant (moocer) – journeying with my fellow fraingers to explore and create a whole new community out there.

Check this out: who knew?


4 thoughts on “The Daily Create tdc598 #ds106

  1. You can draw after all!! Seems like there’s lots of us with “drawing phobia”, but we did it! You look pretty good as a bug with the perfect expression on your face!

  2. Youtube is your friend if you want to learn to draw. There are lots of excellent tutorials on there.

  3. Most of us think we need to be great artists from the start when what you really need is a sense that nothin is impossible, some crayons & paper, and an imagination – a lot like a 3year old. I love the bugs, especially the one wearing your face. I’m still a day behind. I think I’m doing an every other daily create.

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