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#edcMOOC Blogging Survey: Please join in!

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Hello again edcMOOC bloggers!

Many of us in #edcmooc either blogged throughout the course, or used quad- blogging to connect with other edcMOOCers. Whether you were a new or experienced blogger, what role did blogging play in your overall edcMOOC experience? Did blogging or quadblogging in #edcmooc enhance your learning or help u build a PLN?

Please take this brief survey and let us know. We’re also interested to hear the experience of those who quadblogged as well, so if you are a “quaddie” please fill it out.

A few of us #edcmooc alum are writing a short paper about the role of blogging and quadblogging to foster organic peer to peer learning in a mooc.

Please share your invaluable information! Thanks in advance edc moocers for your help!

#edcmooc blogging survey


One thought on “#edcMOOC Blogging Survey: Please join in!

  1. Hi Maddie,
    Great idea for the survey. I took it. My quad blogging buddies were Kelcy and Angela. Their input and suggestions were invaluable, but I also met you , Andy, Ary and Brian on Google + I’ve said this many times…My experience in edcmooc was enriched because of all of you! I would love Madmooc if not for those blasted (bloody) academic readings!

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