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#etmooc my intro


Hi! am Madhura and this is my into for #etmooc.

I am an Instructional Designer and I have worked for 5 years in corporate creating elearning and training materials. That was two years ago in India. Then my husband got posted in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2010 and I have been freelancing for the past one year. My projects include storyboarding and developing courses in Adobe Captivate and Articulate.

In July last year one of my friends blogged about her mooc experience on Coursera and I signed up for my first mooc through – e-learning and digital cultures offered by Edinburgh University. Then I signed up for Fundamentals of Online Education – Planning and Application – both courses that start together.

By now, everyone is aware of the frantic activity that has taken place with #edcmooc from last November. So when my fellow edcmoocers Ary, Angela and Laurie asked me to join etmooc I told them I was too busy with two moocs and work.

Then I did something that we all do on the internet. I lurked. I checked out the site, went through their topics, calendar, activities, etc and I was converted. With work, home and looking after my 3 year old and two moocs, I signed up for #etmooc yesterday.

I had used Videscribe for building a mindmap with my activities around #edcmooc. So for my intro assignment for #etmooc, I wanted to try something new. I looked through edcmooc fb group tools doc and animoto caught my attention. When I went through their site, I realised that the free version offered only a 30 sec video but I found the tool very interesting and very easy to use.

So here’s my into for #etmooc


4 thoughts on “#etmooc my intro

  1. Hi, Madhura
    In many ways, what has occurred through our pre-MOOC months on-line is really an example of what’s being covered through #etmooc, don’t you think? This new MOOC is filling in some of the blanks in terms of connected learning and connectivist theory. I told Angela that one of the benefits of both is the ability to make comparisons. I look forward to learning from several of the leaders in the field that I’ve only read about or seen via TED talks. I included Alec Couros and Sue Waters and Will Richardson as part of my “tribe” when I presented the state of my PLN last month. I am not sure how I found them on-line. I imagine that it was a result of excessive hours of hyperlinking. Jeff Bullas, a media marketing guru from Australia, states that everyone should have a tribe. I selected those leaders in the field who would connect me to others in the field, real world ideas as well as real folk, such as you. I consider it rather serendipitous that they are all part of this #etmooc in one form or another.

    • Yes, being part of these two moocs is the ability to compare. I read Angela’s post and I totally agree with her outside in perspective. Most of what has been shared with us so far, we already know or have experienced through our pre-mooc activity. I went through Sue Waters’ presentation on blogging and it was the most interesting/relevant of them all. Am looking forward to the advanced blogging presentation but since most of them take place at the middle of my night, am likely to view the recorded presentation.

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