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Signs you are addicted to your mooc #edcmooc


That too before the official start of the course! Being a part of this mooc has opened up a whole new world of networking and socializing. Perspectives – connections – experience is so exciting.

Just yesterday another email went out to the participants and since then all the groups, feeds and communities have exploded. Am sure the Facebook and Google servers must have noticed a hike in activity in our groups 🙂

As for me am addicted. Almost all the free time is spent in checking updates on FB, google, twitter, diigo, pinterest. Books are kept aside, lunch and dinner times pushed back, other activities = null!

Know the feeling? So my fellow participants, if you are experiencing any of the following, consider yourself hooked to mooc!

#You forget to eat: Ultimate tell-tale. It means you are not only distracted but that you want more updates than you want food!

#You can’t concentrate on work: Even as you read this post, you have checked out the google group for any new posts from fellow participants. You even refreshed twitter search for #edcmooc before coming back to this. 🙂

#You wake up in the middle of the night to check out latest discussions taking place in another timezone: Need I explain?

#You are obsessed with edcmooc: Any new post, discussion, video, article ou have to read it, comment and share.

#You feel you’re a wreck: A mooc of this size may very well lead to emotional upheaval. You find yourself bouncing between exhilaration, increased energy, sleeplessness, euphoria, as well as anxiety, panic and feelings of despair.



6 thoughts on “Signs you are addicted to your mooc #edcmooc

  1. This is my first mooc so I haven’t quite gotten to that level yet, but I feel I might be on that path (this morning, internet-access-deprived, I kept thinking about getting on twitter already!).

  2. I’m there too! But there is hope. I was addicted to my last MOOC and all symptoms disappeared within a week of it finishing. Good job there is always a next MOOC!

  3. Ha ha! I read and nodded with familiarity. I think I must have been secretly craving to get back on a course of some kind & this has been my outlet. I’ve really enjoyed thus far though. Just need to step back a bit though and be a bit more disciplined with time!

  4. LOL, may this addiction bring more of exhilaration, increased energy, euphoria and less of sleeplessness, anxiety, panic and feelings of despair….

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